Do Online Ordering Your Way

Keep your customers ordering from your website, Facebook page and custom mobile app. Don’t pay hefty commissions. You can even send orders directly to your POS.


Integrated with your point of sale system.

No more re-keying orders and multiple tablets. When customers order online, the order comes right into POS and your kitchen. It’ll save your staff time and your customers will get their orders faster. Supported POS are Clover and Square with others coming.


Don’t Pay Commissions

Many online ordering services charge 10-30% of your order as commissions. These high fees can really add up, hurting your bottom line. With Orderspoon, there is just the low monthly subscription fee and your regular payment processing fees. You keep your profits!

Proven Features to Earn You More Revenue

We’ve taken feedback from 1,000+ restaurants to offer features that generated revenue and streamline your operations.

  • Group Ordering

  • Catering Menu for big orders that need extra time

  • Delivery Zone to deliver where you want to

  • Coupons & Discounts

  • Full-Service Support via Phone/Email in English/Spanish

  • Loyalty Support (Coming Soon)

  • ADA Support to ensure compliance with screen readers.

  • Web & Mobile Ordering with a custom mobile app

  • Easy Re-Ordering with Saved Payment Cards (PCI Compliant)

  • Order In-Advance

  • Category Availability for Limited Time Items (eg. Lunch Only)

  • Set Prep Times by Time of Day

  • Automatic Menu Set-up & Sync with your POS